George Floyd Should Be Alive Today

George Floyd should be alive today. Perhaps he would be accused of allegedly using a counterfeit $20 bill to make a purchase, but he would be alive. He is dead because a police officer knelt on his neck,… Read More


In my work as a ghostwriter, I meet a lot of wonderful people with interesting stories and lives. They inspire me, as does everything I read, hear, and see. Here, I share the thoughts and ideas that come… Read More

Merrily Rolling Home

Who could be upset about slipping and rolling down a hill backwards on such a beautiful day?

If You Are Not Yourself, Who Are You?

Photo by Indoled Recently, Adam Grant wrote in the New York Times that “for most people, ‘be yourself’ is actually terrible advice.” I’m surprised that Grant, author of the bestsellers Give and Take and Originals and professor… Read More

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