Specializing in Nonfiction


  • Collect an author’s or subject matter expert’s thoughts through interviews and written materials
  • Organize and structure the material so it flows through a useful narrative arc
  • Produce a written document that captures the ideas and thoughts in the author’s voice
  • Ideal for use in:
    • Books
    • Articles
    • Whitepapers
    • Case studies

Developmental editing

Big-picture envisioning of project

  • A memorandum that captures what the author is trying to accomplish in the book or with the book.
    • Who the author is writing for
    • How the book fits into its target market

The goal of this document is to articulate a coherent story of the book that blends the author’s perspective with that of the target reader and the (prospective) publishing company.

Competitive analysis

  • Tables and visual tools that identify how a book plan fits its target market
  • A memorandum that summarizes relevant information:
    • Presents an assessment of the book plan’s strengths and weaknesses
    • Offers recommendations about how to capitalize on strengths and minimize weaknesses

Queries and edits

  • Hands-on, detailed querying
  • Line editing
  • Rewriting as needed or requested

This editorial work is informed by multiple points of view from big-picture planning documents and includes a memorandum expressing revision plans.

Project management

  • Identify and describe key elements of work that need to be done to bring a book to market
  • Hire and manage freelance editorial professionals to execute elements of a book project as needed
  • Create a schedule of work and keep personnel working toward milestones