What Authors Say about My Work

Writing a book takes tremendous effort. Ernest Hemingway is often quoted as saying that to write all you need do is sit at a typewriter and bleed. According to Steve Paul, writing at The Hemingway Society website, there… Read More


I’m The Boss of Me

FT Press, a division of Pearson, publishes high quality content in General Business, Finance and Investing, Sales and Marketing, Leadership, Management and Strategy, Human Resources, and Global Business. Freelance Ghostwriter The proposal my old friend, Dave Dusthimer, shared… Read More

Information Technology Project Management, 8th Edition

Cengage Learning is a leading educational content, technology, and services company for the higher education and K-12, professional and library markets worldwide. Kathy Schwalbe, author of several specialized project management textbooks, requested that Cengage hire me to develop… Read More

Principles of Economics

I was invited to work on this project in December 2002 on the recommendation of Craig Bleyer, a colleague from my days at Addison-Wesley. The task was daunting: take over the project from a beloved development editor, who… Read More

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