Acknowledgments, recommendations, and comments from the authors who I have had the privilege to work with.

I am also deeply indebted to my developmental editor, Marilyn Freedman. The personal dedication and professional skill that she brought to the task of crafting the book’s broad thrust and fine details and her commitment to making the book as interesting, effective, and error-free as possible were extraordinary.

Michael Parkin

Our editors at Charles E. Merrill Publishing Company, Marilyn Freedman, John Nee, and Mary Harlan, deserve our special thanks. In addition to providing emotional support, encouragement, and friendly criticism, each at the appropriate time, they also provided a great deal of logistic support.

Robert E. Callahan, C. Patrick Fleenor, and Harry R. Knudson

Marilyn Freedman’s on-the-mark developmental editing improved Nutrition: From Science to You and made it more enjoyable to read.

Joan Salge Blake, Kathy D. Munoz, Stella Volpe

Development editor Marilyn Freedman helped us in shaping a book that instructors can really use and injected much-needed doses of common sense at crucial moments. We’ve even relied on her to sort out pedagogical differences between the two of us. [First Edition] Development editor Marilyn Freedman’s sharp eye and commonsense appraisals were critical inputs in this significant revision, helping us to sort out the pedagogical issues as before. [Second Edition]

Paul Krugman and Robin Wells

I want to thank everyone who has given their support and encouragement to me as a first-time author: . . . Marilyn R. Freedman, freelance development editor, for making my words fit for public consumption . . .

Tasha R. Howe

First and foremost, I would like to thank Marilyn Freedman, Development Editor, for her outstanding work and for making me a better writer.

Don Gosselin

Marilyn Freedman [and Nic Albert] used their terrific editorial skills in fine-tuning the diverse chapters of the text. They did amazing work suggesting organizational changes, doing comparative reviews, and merging content and updates with new information and ideas, as well as checking sources for currency and accuracy. A special thanks to them for their behind the scenes efforts!

Rebecca J. Donatelle

Marilyn was my first development editor, and she taught me so much about writing. My first book, Information Technology Project Management, now in its seventh edition, is a great success in large part to Marilyn’s coaching and editing. I have written a few other books since then, and I am a much stronger, faster writer due to Marilyn. Using a development editor is a must for all new authors and most experienced authors. It’s like having a personal trainer who pushes you to do the best you can possibly do. I recommend Marilyn with no hesitations.

Kathy Schwalbe

Marilyn was the developmental editor on my first book, a major introductory textbook on information systems. While she did not start as an expert on the subject matter, she was highly effective in helping me channel my ideas into an understandable form. She was pleasant and easy to work with, while also providing extensive feedback about strong points and weak points in each draft. In addition to contributing significantly to a successful book, she taught me enough about writing a book that I needed very little developmental help in the subsequent editions and later felt totally comfortable writing another book on my own. I recommend her highly.

Steven Alter

Marilyn and I worked on a soon to be best selling book together called I’m the Boss of Me. Marilyn did an amazing job capturing my voice and the concepts I was trying to get across in the writing and put in the necessary structure, flow and examples so that everyone could understand the concepts clearly. She helped me make the book both substantial and simple at the same time. This is a very hard thing to do. She also did an great amount of research and brought meaty reference points to the story to ground it with data. Given her background I was not surprised with all that she brought to the table. What did surprise me was her uncanny ability to understand what my audience needed explained to make the points stick. Marilyn is also an absolutely awesome person–very open and very giving. She will be happy to take the journey with you while she does her magic to the page. I am looking forward to our next project together.

Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn