In my work as a ghostwriter, I meet a lot of wonderful people with interesting stories and lives. They inspire me, as does everything I read, hear, and see. Here, I share the thoughts and ideas that come to mind when I think about the people I meet, the stories I hear, and the experiences … Continue reading Notes

Safed, Israel

Zionism Is Intrinsic to Judaism

A synagogue is mostly a religious institution with a big emphasis on community. Most synagogues have enough educational and cultural activities that you can participate in Jewish communal life without participating in religious services if that’s how you roll. One question—why boycott synagogues—leads to another question and another. Can you separate Zionism and support for … Continue reading Zionism Is Intrinsic to Judaism

What Authors Say about My Work

Writing a book takes tremendous effort. People often quote Ernest Hemingway as saying that to write all you need to do is sit at a typewriter and bleed. According to Steve Paul, writing at The Hemingway Society website, there is no substantive evidence that Hemingway is the source of that quote. Most of the authors … Continue reading What Authors Say about My Work

wild violets

March, you bitch (and April)

The sun is shining with almost-spring gleeNot that distant ghost that looksGood but has no warmth The temperature is 34, I checkedPut on my bootsThe snow is disintegratingAnd dirty with sandWhat is that black stuff anyhowThe dog doesn’t care I put on my heavy winter coatThe one with the broken zipper placketAnd black streaks on … Continue reading March, you bitch (and April)

If I Test Negative for COVID-19, Do I Still Need to Wear A Mask and Social Distance?

Yes, Virginia, you still need to wear a mask. The day after I learned that Massachusetts was offering free COVID-19 testing at a location near me, I called and made an appointment. I drove to the site at the Lawrence General Hospital parking lot the next day, and less than five minutes later, after some … Continue reading If I Test Negative for COVID-19, Do I Still Need to Wear A Mask and Social Distance?

George Floyd Should Be Alive Today

George Floyd should be alive today. Perhaps he would be accused of allegedly using a counterfeit $20 bill to make a purchase, but he would be alive. He is dead because a police officer knelt on his neck, choking off his air supply. Evidence says Mr. Floyd was held in a prone position with an … Continue reading George Floyd Should Be Alive Today