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Who We Are

When most people learn that I ghostwrite and edit, they ask why I don’t write for myself. The answer is that I do. And I have a passion for helping other people communicate their ideas and tell their stories. Most recently, I’ve been working with Advantage Media|Forbes Books, where I focus on helping entrepreneurs share what they know.

Many editors have a dog or a cat for an editorial assistant. I like to cover all the bases, so I have both.

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Zionism Is Intrinsic to Judaism

A synagogue is mostly a religious institution with a big emphasis on community. Most synagogues have enough educational and cultural activities that you can participate in Jewish communal life without participating in religious services if that’s how you roll. One question—why boycott synagogues—leads to another question and another. Can you separate Zionism and support for … Continue reading Zionism Is Intrinsic to Judaism

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