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Freelance Ghostwriter

The proposal my old friend, Dave Dusthimer, shared with me was quirky, but I saw the beauty in it. Because I saw everything that the manuscript could be, I had the privilege of meeting a truly remarkable woman, Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn. I helped Jeanne transform her 40-page, disorganized book proposal into a final, production-ready manuscript complete with art, photo releases, and permissions as needed. We met executive editor Mary Beth Ray’s final drop-dead deadline to enable the printed book to be available for launch at Cisco Live 2016. Jeanne calls me her writer. I call her my mentor and friend. I can’t wait to work on her next book.

During work on the project, I completed the following tasks (and then some):

  • Prepared sample Chapter One edit, and demonstrated that the core concept had best-seller potential.
  • Established productive rapport with author and conducted research to provide backbone, substance, and authority for her ideas, including reference documentation.
  • Met all deadlines for copy review, manuscript editing, page proofs, and error corrections. Guided creation of appropriate art.
  • Collaborated with outside team to design book website with effective content, resulting in complete sell-out of initial printing within the first month of publication.


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