Principles of Economics

KW1ecoverI was invited to work on this project in December 2002 on the recommendation of Craig Bleyer, a colleague from my days at Addison-Wesley. The task was daunting: take over the project from a beloved development editor, who had to step off the project because she had gotten her own book contract.

I assumed the role and effected a seamless transition from the initial developmental editor for Principles of Economics by Paul Krugman and Robin Wells. I executed the final editing pass on microeconomics chapters, thereby contributing to a high-quality, production-ready manuscript.

I guided the authors to revise the first draft macroeconomics chapters in a voice that made their expert knowledge accessible and clear for wide-ranging readership. The book became #1 best-selling principles of economics book and maintained that best-in-class place in subsequent editions.


My work on the first, second, and third editions included the following tasks:

  • Assisted staff developmental editor and expert super-reviewer with organizing and assessing accuracy review input from several accuracy reviewers, helped guide authors in implementation of corrections, and marked economic graphs for pedagogical use of color while maintaining strict adherence to production schedule.
  • Led team to create a revision plan for developing a second edition of the book to strengthen it and expand its market share. Analyzed and synthesized feedback from textbook reviewers, incorporated detailed market input from outside market research professionals, provided a detailed outline of places to tighten the writing and recommended how chapters could be reorganized or cut.
  • Consistently met production deadlines while working with new material from authors that responded to real-time economic crisis events.


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