Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 by Don Gosselin

I developed five programming books with Don Gosselin for Course Technology: Java, JavaScript, Visual C++, Visual C++ .NET, and JavaScript, Second Edition. Don was such a good technical writer and teacher that working with him made me think I could program computers. Course Technology had a rubric for editing programming books that required working through each step in an exercise. Follow Don’s steps, and you could create a calculator, a text editor, a . . . I don’t remember what else he created in his exercises. They were fun, and so was he. I would annotate a manuscript with queries and email it to him with a brief cover memo (not a missive). A couple of days later, he would call to discuss a comment. Eventually, he would solve the editorial problem through talking. Since I took detailed notes, we’d edit the text together, and I’d pop it into the manuscript. (It wasn’t nearly that neat because I could not write as fast as he could talk.)

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