In my work as a ghostwriter, I meet a lot of wonderful people with interesting stories and lives. They inspire me, as does everything I read, hear, and see. Here, I share the thoughts and ideas that come to mind when I think about the people I meet, the stories I hear, and the experiences I have.

June 30, 2020

I’ve been a bit stunned by my brother’s death, even though I knew it was coming. It feels like one of those workshop exercises where you stand in the middle of a circle, fall backwards, and someone catches you. Except this time, no one catches you, and you’re still waiting to hit the ground.

May 31, 2020

If everyone protesting who is of good will steps back, we will see who is left, know them for what they are, and act accordingly.

April 2020

Will pent-up demand begin to pull the economy out of its downward cycle once the Coronavirus lock down lifts? Speculating with a friend, I thought so. It won’t. Down to their last pennies, the people whose spending drives the economy won’t have the resources to buy what they need, let alone what they want.

February 2020

I’m not alone in asking, “What the fuck, God?” Read the book of Job. There is more there than we know.

January 2020

Through God’s grace, we come through the fire scathed but more whole once we shake off the ashes.

A young woman gave me a paper crane to remind that there is refuge, healing, and recovery. I held it for a few hours and then lost it.

On a black sign in white ink, a woman who had been abused as a child wrote, “What the fuck, Granddad. What the fuck, Dad. What the fuck, Uncle.” When I came home, I learned my brother has cancer. His daughter is getting married in May. What the fuck, God? What the fuck.

Image: Image by Pixabay

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