Ten Reasons to Appreciate Social Distancing

  1. I appreciate the Police’s song “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” in a new way.
  2. Open the economy protests give me a whole new understanding of the phrase, “cull the herd.”
  3. My frown when people don’t follow the traffic pattern at the grocery store is invisible.
  4. I really mean it when I wear my hat that says, “Not in the mood to wash my hair today.”
  5. I don’t feel awkward saying once again, “I’ll have to miss the progressive dinner this year.”
  6. There are no students upstairs playing knee hockey on the simulated wood floor.
  7. Developing a habit to wipe down the stove top, sink, and refrigerator was a snap.
  8. The governor waived late fees on overdue excise tax payments.
  9. No one tells me to, “Just relax. It’ll all work out.”
  10. I don’t feel guilty about not visiting my mother.


Since I wrote this top-ten list, I keep finding more reasons to appreciate things that I never thought I would. I feel frugal when I have a 50 pound bag of dog food delivered. I’m grateful for post-nasal drip because (I think) it means I don’t have Covid-19.

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

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